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Mrs. Linda Yourko


     The Martins Ferry Christian Grade School has been in existence since 1984 and is chartered by the Ohio Department of Education. We serve families from Martins Ferry, as well as Bellaire, Bridgeport, Buckeye Local, West Virgina, and the surrounding area. Our current enrollment is 63 students in Pre-K through 7th grades. Justin Hill, our superintendent, is also the senior minister at First Christian Church. Linda Yourko is our administrator/principal. Justin Hill, our assistant principal. We currently have 7 teachers and teachers' aides.

     We view each pupil as an individual created in the image of God with unique talents, abilities, and needs. We seek to develop all of these in each child. Our class size is relatively small, which is conducive to a more personal learning experience. Our students participate in the ACSI Math Olympics, ACSI Speech Meet, and the Belmont County Scripp's Spelling Bee.          

     We offer an academically challenging curriculum which uses phonics as the method for teaching children to read. Our kindergarten students start reading near the end of the first semester. History and science are taught from a Christian perspective. The students also receive daily Bible instruction.

    Each week the students have gym, music, art, library and computer. Our Parent-Teacher organization is the Caring Parents. They are very active and help the school with fund-raising and providing fun extra-curricular activities for our families, such as swim parties and the school picnic.

     Our tuition is very reasonable at $1450.00 year or $145.00 a month for Preschool.  If you live in Ohio, desire a Christian Education for your Children and meet enrollment requirements, you can recieve a scholarship to help pay for tuition. Ohio has expanded the Educational  Choice Scholarship Program to now include every K-12  students in the State. The amount awarded depends on family income, but all Ohio students can get some scholarship amount towards tuition.  



a mission of the First Christian Church

MF Christian School


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